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CBC specializes in providing business consulting service for foreign companies doing business in China. The aim is to help develop and support their successful penetration and operation in China market.

The service portfolio includes: Market entry and penetration strategy, due diligence, technology licensing, evaluating opportunities, identifying partners, navigating the approval process, technologies and products validation and regulatory compliance.

We have 20 years of business consulting experience obtained from extensive market knowledge and business networks to help clients understand the complexities of China market. Our advantages are that we have the right combination of strong local root in China, in depth China knowledge, extensive experience, expertise and networks with government and industry sectors and comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture, local laws, policies, regulations, tax issues and business practice. All these allow us to be one of the most qualified China business consulting firms in China to help our clients overcome difficulties and barriers when doing business in China.

Our specialized China business consulting services are designed to be the extraordinary quality with professionalism, confidentiality, reliability and integrity in all aspects of our services to help customers to do business with China. Our multi-disciplined, bilingual and highly experienced professionals are dedicated in ensuring your China business needs are fully understood. We work closely with you to help you capitalize on opportunities in China that help you significantly reduce costs, better manage risks and maximize profit by getting the job done right from the beginning.

We apply our extensive marketing and sales backgrounds to meet our client’s specific needs and goals. We listen well and can assist with a “fresh approach” to understanding strengths and weaknesses from a current market view. We can assist with not only developing the vision, but also, recommending and performing much of the actual sales and marketing implementation. Our expertise and experience allow us to develop and implement a customized and targeted marketing and selling system that fulfills the “vision” in the field and results in profitable growth.