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Your public relations and marketing communications specialist in Great China

CBC provides strategic public relations service for foreign companies doing business in Great China (Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan). We specialize in marketing industrial and technology companies, and have the unique capability to rapidly develop and execute public relations programs that produce measurable business results.

We connect business-to-business companies with decision-makers worldwide when they have a business need in China. Our services help promote their brand names, generate new sales opportunities, and enhance their value. As a public relations specialist, we manage highly customized and high touch programs that accelerate market awareness in our clients’ most important sales channels - with an ROI model clearly established before we begin.

Our success has been based on:

  • Industry focus: by specializing in the electronics industry, we have built up an excellent understanding of the business environment in which our clients operate.
  • Editorial contacts: our expertise allows us to build close working relationships with our 'other clients' - the key technology press. Our understanding of what their requirements are, and our commitment to meeting their editorial standards and deadlines is a real factor in the success of our clients' campaigns.
  • Results orientated: we work hard to deliver outstanding published results for our clients. This approach is highly valued - and is the basis for our long-term relationships with clients.
  • Relationship-based: Contacts we have within the electronics industry in each of our operating regions that extend beyond the press. Relationships within manufacturers, governmental and industrial organizations can often be leveraged to add value to the PR campaign and influence business decisions in a particular sector
  • People quality: Our teams are made up of highly motivated and experienced staff, who deliver outstanding quality of work to our clients.

Our Focus has been on electronics manufacturing industry with concentration at testing, packaging and assembly (SMT,PCB and Semiconductor manufacturing and EMS industries)

Our Services:

  • Arranging press conferences
  • Writing and issuing corporate and product press releases
  • Preparing and placing technical articles
  • Translating white pagers, technical articles, newsletters and ads.
  • Arranging press interviews
  • Organizing technical seminars and events
  • Placing advertisements
  • Media designing, artwork and printing
  • Electronic direct mail (eDM) and data base rental