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Nigel Warshaw, C.Eng MIEE – Director, Marketing Consulting and Research

Nigel has helped technology companies develop international business between Europe, the United States, and Asia over the past 20 years, including joint ventures, licensing, and marketing agreements. Clients have included the industrial customers of American Express Bank and two major European banks. Previously, Nigel was vice president for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India at Worthington Pump Inc. based in Milan, and before that, European marketing director at Serck-Rockwell based in Switzerland. He has been a board member of companies in several European countries, as well as on Worthington Pump’s management board. He has also been European representative for Palo Alto mergers and acquisitions firm Von Gehr International. A member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Directors, Nigel’s degree in electrical engineering is from Faraday House London. At ease in many cultures, he speaks French, German, Dutch, and Italian.

Hands-on help with:

  • International market analyses, marketing & sales services
  • International representation or distribution
  • Seeking qualified foreign management staff
  • Identifying potential licensees, licensors, or joint ventures
  • Diversifying into new market segments

Email: Nigel@cbcchina.org.cn