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Enrique Alegret
Enrique Alegret – Senior Technology Consultant

Enrique brings over 20 years experience in technology and IT consulting with focus at test and measurement in electronics manufacturing.

In previous years, Enrique has held senior management positions in high tech companies involved in the R&D, production and service of test and measurement equipment for SMT manufacturing, communications, and defense systems.

He has been consistently working on projects to bring Chinese technology and investment companies to the US market. He also has worked with multinational companies in China such as IBM, Motorola, HP, and Siemens, to help bridge the gap in technical communications. Having been living in China for five years, he thoroughly understands the art of doing business in China.

Enrique was born in Havana Cuba, was educated in the US where he received a BSEE, and MBA. He has served as a commissioned officer in the US Air Force where he was a test engineer for Systems Command.


  1. Expert in project management and planning of technical projects.
  2. Expert in AOI and other testing equipment operations in SMT manufacturing.
  3. Expertise in test and measurement, quality control and compliance issues.
  4. Experience with working with multinational companies in US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, and China.
Email: Ricky@cbcchina.org.cn