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D.B.Management Group
D.B. Management Group

Dan Beaulieu and Don Dawson founded DB Mgmt. Group in 1996 with a vision to create a consulting firm entirely dedicated to the PCB Industry. We provide our clients with whatever they need. If we are not experts for one particular solution, then we find these experts and teach them how to best serve the PCB Industry.

With this in mind, we have created alliances with companies that provide everything from advertising and sales literature to Web sites and ISO registration. Because of this, no matter what their needs are, our clients will benefit from working with DB Mgmt. Grp.

Dan Beaulieu has over 30 years experience in the printed circuit board industry. He his considered one of the industry's top marketing and sales experts, as well as perhaps the strongest and most focused strategist in the industry.

Before co-founding D.B.Management Group, Dan Beaulieu served as the top sales executive in three major printed circuit board fabrication companies; Maine Electronics, General Circuits and Automated Systems Inc.

Dan is always available to work with clients on their marketing communications and image literature needs. Since co-founding D.B. Management Group, Mr. Beaulieu has worked personally with numerous board shops including: Photocircuits, Prototron, Rockwell Collins, IBIDEN, Multicircuits, Circuit Images, RBP Chemical, Taiyo- America and many others. His specialty is helping companies increase their sales through the use of sales strategies and tactics, niche definition, marketing communications plans and managing, measuring and motivating sales forces. Having worked with independent sales reps for many years, Mr. Beaulieu is particularly well suited to helping companies develop successful and profitable relationships with their reps.

Mr. Beaulieu is a member of Sales and Marketing Executives of America and both a Certified Marketing Executive (CME) and a Certified Sales Executive (CSE). Mr. Beaulieu is particularly interested in and completely dedicated to helping board shops enhance their professional and technical image through sales and marketing. He feels that, “Most companies in our industry have a sales and marketing executive that really spends 99.9% of his time on sales and .1% of his time on marketing, I consider it my job to fix that. Until we are completely dedicated to the concept of marketing ourselves, we will remain a second tier industry.”

Mr. Beaulieu is also a well-known industry writer and columnist writing sales and marketing columns in PCB007.com, Circuitree, Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture, U.S. Tech, and Printed Circuit News. He is also a writer of feature articles about various board shops and how they perform in the industry.